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Thursday, 21 March 2019 04:14

Mekong IndoChina 2019 Update #1 - March!

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Mekong Indo China 2019 Update


Greetings Hashers!

Preparations are well underway for this November’s Mekong Indochina in Chiang Mai, so it is about time for an update!

The main event begins on Friday 15th November with a Welcome Party at the base hotel (Duang Tawan Hotel). Book your room early as Chiang Mai tends to get booked up during this period. All events will be organized from the Duang Tawan Hotel.

The main runs will be on Saturday 16th November. Buses will leave at different times during the day to top secret locations for your choice of Ball Breaker, Long, Regular or Walk - with departure times to be announced nearer the time. After the runs, it is of course time for beer & circles, before everyone heads back to the city for our Main Event Dinner and Party.

 Assuming you can wake up on Sunday 17th, transport will set off midmorning to take you to our Hangover run, lunch and chilled out afternoon party.


The weekend main event is the central feature of a weeklong hashcation, so why not come early and leave late, enjoying more hashing in and around Chiang Mai? Note: the prelube / postlube events aren’t included in the main event fee.  

Wednesday 13th November is the main date of the Loy Kratong festival in Chiang Mai. Loy Kratong is one of the 2 key traditional festivals held annually in Thailand, and Chiang Mai is the main venue. Throughout the evening there will be parades through the city, fire lanterns rising into the sky, and traditional floats being released onto the river - an experience not to be missed. We on the hash celebrate it in our own unique way, as a Loy Kateoy hash, so be ready to cross dress, bring your red dresses, and get ready to paint the town red!

Thursday 14th November will give you a choice of runs. The Lanna Bush Hash (LBH3 - official host of MIH2019) will have a MALE ONLY run, with details on how to sign up to come later. Meanwhile the Chiang Mai Bunny Hash (CBH3) will host a run for the LADIES joint with the Phuket Iron Pussy & Copenhagen H3. Thursday is also the regular hash day for the Chiang Mai Happy Hash (CH4), for those who prefer mixed company - make sure you get on the right bus!

On Friday 15th November, the Thinking Drinking Hash (TDH3) are in town and planning a run in the morning, getting back to town in time for the Welcome Party. More information is in the flyer attached to this mail.

For your Postlube, on Monday 18th November, there will be the traditional Full Moon Run hosted by Bobo, and in addition the Chiang Mai Male Hash (CH3) runs every Monday.


The Thinking Drinking Hash (TDH3) are also organizing a Train Rumble leaving Bangkok on 12th November - all the information is in the attached flyer, and if you want to join, you are encouraged to register as soon as possible.


 We are looking forward to enjoying a beer with you in November!

 Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo.

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 09:28

Thanks from Philippine Nash Hash 2019

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The 2019 Philippines Nash Hash mismanagement would like to say thank you to everyone who attended. We had a blast, and we hope that you did too. It was so nice to meet up with old and new friends, catch up on the past few months or years and run ourselves ragged in the process.

We wish the very best to La Union, the next Nash Hash hosts. If there is anything we can do to help, just let us know, although if you produce an event anywhere near comparable to the 2008 Nash Hash which you hosted, then it will be very hard to beat.

All the best to all of us, long live the hash, and on on to 2021!!

We will email you soon regarding a way to upload your PNH19 pictures that you may wish to share.


PNH19 Mismanagement 


Sunday, 16 December 2018 01:53

Welcome To Hashing In Nay Pyi Taw

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Welcome To Hashing In Nay Pyi Taw

Nay Pyi Taw Hash House Harriers becomes the the newest addition to the Global List Of Hash Kennels.

Nay Pyi Taw is the Capital Of Myanmar. Its one of the Quietest, Bestest, Prettiest & Lovliest places in the world. It is also the center to the Hashes who would like to visit the more famous & touristic cities such as Bagan, Mandalay, Lake Inle, Golden Rock & Hpa An to name a few.

It all started over a few beers at the Park Royal Hotel & today NPT H3 has completed over 10 runs. Shortly the Inaugural Outstation Weekend will take place in February !!! In Bagan.

Nay Pyi Taw H3 is a Family Hash & meets up every other Sunday at 3 p.m. ( Hash Time) at Park Royal for a Run or Walk & socializing. Also the Park Royal Hotel offers entertainment time & again.

Hashes from all over the world are offered Special Room Rates staying at Park Royal. Please contact the Co Founders given below to get your Special Rates!

Hasitha Hot Plate Manthriratne +959421073878 or hasitha74@gmail.com
Nay Myo aka Room Service +959443033441

Or visit our website www.naypyitawhash.com

So why wait??? Enjoy the serenity of this Beautiful Capital City Of Myanmar

Thursday, 13 December 2018 03:15

Interhash Trinidad 2020 Early Bird Special Ends Dec 31

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Last time to sign up at 2018 rates!

As the excitement builds groups from Thailand, Dubai, Europe, Australia, USA and others are taking advantage of the group rego to get signed up as the last few days of 2018 draw to a close and the USD$200 offer ends.

From January 1st 2019 the offer goes up to $225 till Easter Sunday.


Plans are off and running to make sure Interhash 2020 is a resounding success.

As 2019 opens, information on Pre and Post lube offers will be posted

A new Interhash App would be launched giving hashers REAL TIME information on Airline deals, runs, hotels, drop Taxi, the Hash hub, the Hash Hotel, as well as the all important Bar and restaurant deals.


Dubbed the Carnival of Hashes, Interhash 2020 also has a few surprise twists in store.


Don’t miss out on the action.
Register now!



On on

To TT.


Friday, 30 November 2018 00:42

Tribute to Lost Hashers

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The hash community sadly lost four members on 24 November when a  wedding cruise boat they were partying in sank in Victoria Lake.  All four were members of the Kampala Hash House Harriers in Uganda:
Rehma Ashaba - Short Ass
Fred Mawanda - Sweet Residue
Hajarah Nagadya - Toffali
John Bosco Nyanzi - Piston Shaft
There were other hashers on the boat too but fortunately they were rescued or managed to swim to shore.  Please continue to keep in your hearts and minds, heart felt condolences to KH3 and the families of the hashers that lost their lives. May their souls rest in perfect peace.
Many international Hashers have expressed an interest in making contributions. Thank you to Flounder and Sucker Hagono Frank for coordinating this campaign for our fallen Hashers.  https://www.gofundme.com/relief-for-victims-of-kampala-cruise-boat-sinking?fbclid=IwAR1-cUYA7o_tX4BwnMqhzCQNqe1U2MaW0OK-A0WmPEnYYs_13J5BMd2s5Ow
Sunday, 18 November 2018 23:53


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13 - 18 November 2019   
BASE HOTEL: Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, Chiang Mai ; now accepting bookings
Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo: (mekonghash2019@gmail.com)
Saturday, 22 September 2018 01:37

Breaking news: Indochina Mekong Hash 2019 in Chiang Mai

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Breaking news: The Lanna H3 will host Indochina Mekong Hash 2019 in Chiang Mai the week of 13-18 November.

This is the week if the Loy Kratong festival week in Thailand.

IMH 2019 is the week after Pan Asia Hash in Hunan, China.

For updates check Harrier Magazine on line and print editions.






Outline Chiang Mai Indo China 2019 Schedule:-
Wed 13th Nov - Loy Kratong Run
Thur 14th Nov - MALE ONLY Lanna Bush H3 Run   [For the Harriettes - Chiang Mai Bunny H3 Run?]
Fri  15th Nov - [Welcome Party - free day to recover] [TDH3 Run ??]
Sat  16th Nov - Main Event Hosted by Lanna Bush H3
Sun  17th Nov - Hang Over Run   
Mon  18th Nov - Full Moon Run - Bobo
Mismanagement Committee

BELLY DANCER     – Overall Coordination/Hash Ambassador/Entertainment

BYTE MY YAHOO – Webmaster/Registration/Trail Master  

Bobo's Full Moon Run and any TDH3 Run on Friday would be separate stand alone events with their own charging, organisation etc.
In Chang Mai - the Loy Kratong Run is traditionally a 'Loy Katoey Run' which possibly could double up as the Red Dress Run - however, Loy Kratong (Yee Ping) is one of Thailand's most beautiful festivals and part of the appeal of hosting Indo China 2019 is so that participants who have enough time can enjoy this.   
Until the result of the bidding process is known - we will keep the Committee small; if successful we will enlist the help and support of those able, willing and experienced. Chiang Mai represents straight forward logistics, easy access by air and road and plenty of hotels. Ideally the base hotel will be large enough to accomodate the bulk of the attendees and make for a fun atmosphere for those attending.
In respect of run territory - this does not need to be in anywhere the Chiang Mai hashes regularly run - there is more flexibility over longer run outs to more scenic territory and to eliminate any repeat rerunning any of the 2006 Interhash runs. This bid is on behalf of the Lanna Bush H3 and while we welcome support from the Chiang Mai hashes - we will not in anyway be looking to overlap with their activities.
I would welcome having all your support and trust that who ever wins - it will be a fun and successful event!

Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo


The vote will be at IMH in Vietnam in September. Harrier Magazine will post the winner in the  Nov/Dec edition.

Motherhash 80thWelcome to the Hash House Harriers 1938 - Mother Hash
80th Anniversary Celebrations, 14th - 16th September 2018

We in Mother Hash have the honour and pleasure to host this event for all hashers around the world to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of our founding in 1938. Ever since then, members of various chapters have spread out and spawned all of our chapters. The humble beginnings of a group of 9 hashers led by A. S. Gispert, has resulted in our large network of nearly 4000 chapters all around the world.

We are a unique community. Though we are individual chapters, but yet we are bonded by a common interest to have a good non-competitive run and socialise afterwards. We have many variations in all parts of the world but we all maintain the core traditions.

So let us all get together for this momentous celebration and make it an event to remember.

The celebrations are over a period of three days with many runs and activities to cater for all. Please watch our website for regular updates.


- 80th Anniversary Committee


Where will the 80th anniversary be held?

At the The Merdeka Stadium (Independence Stadium) Kuala Lumpur, which is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. For those who were here for Interhash 1998 & the 60th anniversary, it is the very same Venue. See Venue link. The city covers an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of 1.6 million as of 2010. Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration of 6.9 million as of 2010. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country, in terms of population and economy.

Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/motherhash


Sunday, 12 August 2018 02:10

Mekong Hash 2018 Update

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We have arranged for a RED DRESS RUN to be set on the morning of Friday, 21st September (prior to the official MIH sign on 3pm that afternoon). It is completely separate to IMH and being organised by the charities concerned.


    Registration for the RDR will be from 09.00 on 21 September.
    RDR Start time will be 10:30
    Hash free-flow Bar will be open when the first runners return
    Lunch and Hash free flow Bar will continue until 14:00

Cost will be VND500,000 (USD$26) and will include lunch catered by BBQ UnIn, free flow “Winking Seal” craft beer, cider, juices, RDR re-usable water-bottle and water.
red dress run

Registration for MIH will commence at 3pm – and the Hash free flow Bar will re-open.

The RDR will start and finish at “Mekong Hash Central”, BBQ Un In, 206 Xom Con Street, with all proceeds going to 3 local charities run by 3 remarkable people in Nha Trang. We can guarantee that 100% of all profits made will find its way to providing housing, water-wells, education and other essentials to people most at need.

Nha Trang H3 has been working with these people for several years and their work is impeccable!

Please note: RDR Shirts will be purchased separately and need to be pre-ordered via the attached form.

Fill out and submit the following form asap so that we can pre order and arrange shirts, food and grog: www.mekonghash2018.com


BoBo has informed us that there WILL be a Full Moon Hash on the Monday following IMH3, that is 24th September.
To register email him on: yh3gm@yahoo.com.uk
BoBo requires from you the following information:

    HASH NAME   

He further informs us there will be a post lube following IMH, in Yangon on weekend 30th September. for Yangon’s 1,600th run,  

To register click here

Note:  Check our website www.mekonghash2018.com for latest updates.