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 Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

 The  TT Interhash committee would  like to thank all the
 participants  of the Interhash Fiji  2018  whose  vote helped
 Trinidad  and Tobago  win the bid for  2020!   We were
 overwhelmed by the warmth meted out to us by you, the
 organizers, the hashers, the other bidders, and the Advisory
 Committee alike, during our stay.  As first time bidders, we
 appreciated your courtesy, sound advise, and the faith you
 have placed in us to host such a world-class event.

 We are proud to be able to welcome you to our shores and offer you the best of   Interhash 2020
 “Sweet T&T” . On arrival home there was already a buzz about our win, with our   Trinidad and Tobago
 Interhash 2020
 fellow hashers making plans to create the biggest, most colourful and exciting
 hash in history.

 What is a “Carnival of Hashes” without a Carnival element? We are very happy to
 report that we have partnered with one of the best Carnival bands on the island
 –“Hart’s Carnival band” to bring more than one or two surprises your way .

 Although we are keeping within the usual format, we are adding an adaptation of
 a Carnival Classic- a FREE bonus run on the Friday morning- pre-dawn “Jouvert
 “ run.  Join us for a 4am start and finish up, covered in paint, at an ‘All inclusive
 breakfast party’.
 As we look towards 2020, we are stepping up our game with our partnership with
 WIPAY, to offer participants a seamless registration and voting system, as well as
 the option to use their Rego bands for cashless transactions at participating bars,
 restaurants, grab- taxi services and much more.  For those who will be choosing
 to explore the rest of the Caribbean, these bands can also be used while in the

 With  all  the  positive
 feedback we have received
 on line,  the  excitement is
 growing and we  continue
 to be encouraged daily.

 Stay tuned and join us in
 Trinidad on April 24-26

 On on!
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