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Vol. 19 No. 6   July-August 2018
 Editor’s Notes

 (Formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier)
 Thanks to Fiji for hosting a great Interhash 2018   Kuala Lumpur is where the Hash
 Editor / Publisher  where 1700 hashers from  around the  world   House Harriers began in 1938, and
 Jim Edens  explored  the sights and tastes of this island   the home of Mother Hash, from
 nation. Plenty of Fiji Gold and Fiji Bitter flowed   which all HHH clubs sprang. Bush
 Lisa Sukita  from start to finish of Interhash week while the   Diver ventured from  his regular  aromas of curry and exotic spices filled the air.   hash haunts in Angeles and Subic
 Design / Artwork / Photos / Layout   Some lucky hashers  pre-lubed  on a Fiji Hash   Bay to Kuala Lumpur in search of
 Digital Edition / Website
 Jimmy Wilkins (100th edition!)  Cruise to ensure they were properly acclimatized   hash history and to meet up with  for the main event. A hotly contested vote for   several Malaysian  hashes. 1500   Jim Edens and Lisa Sukita at
 Europe Correspondent  Interhash 2020 went to the Caribbean  nation   hashers from around the world will   Interhash 2018 in Fiji.
 Julie Burgess  of  Trinidad  &  Tobago  for  what  will  be  the  first   meet  up for  the  80th Anniversary
 Interhash in this part of the world. Stay tuned for   of  Mother Hash,  16-18 September  Helderberg  Farm in hopes of tasting
 Africa Correspondent
 Julia Stanton    regular updates on Sweet T&T, which will take   2018. KL has a large number of HHH  the fruits of the vine and local beers at
 place 24-26 April 2020.  Chapters, many of which have runs  a  barbecue after the run?
 CONTENTS  Contributors (in order of appearance)  Correspondent  Quick  Drawers  journeyed  the 80th  Anniversary  Celebration.  Newsflash: Pan  Africa Hash 2019
 Americas Correspondent
    scheduled  for  the week preceding
 John Walsh
 to historic Belfast town in search of a hash
    There are also pre and post lubes  will be held 31 May-2 June 2019 in
 Editorial / Photos / Graphics
 Quick Drawers  rumoured to  exist  in Northern Ireland. Ancient   in a number of  counties before and  Freetown, Sierra Leone.
 Thar She Blows  castles, friendly pubs, and forested parklands   after  this event.  One such post  lube
 Mu-Sick, Crotch Thumper, and Little Shit
 Steve Roney aka Bush Diver  create the perfect setting for hashing in the town   is Mekong Hash 2018 in Nha Trang,  Check out the Hash Calendar for HHH
 Julia Stanton  where the ill-fated Titanic was built. Did QD find   Vietnam, 21-23 September. See the  events around the world. Plan your
 Emad Khoury and Momo F. Turay
 DINGO  his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or was   latest updates on the 20th Mekong  hash holidays so   you can register
 Regular Contributors  he foiled by leprechauns who left him kissing the   Hash direct from Dingo Dave and his  early for the events you don’t want to
 Kurt Bodmer, Julie Burgess, Paul Cade,   Blarney Stone? QD puddle jumped from Europe   pack of howling harriers.  miss. Your friends will be there, so why
 Short Circuit, Jim Edens, Randall Salisbury,
 Ian Slater, Lisa Sukita, Jimmy Wilkins,  to Thailand to run with the Bangkok Harriettes,   not you?
 Stockholm H3
 before globe trotting to Fiji for Interhash. This guy   Another birthday  celebration,  the
 Contributors Welcome!   definitely gets around as he shares his hashing   Original Red Dress Run celebrates 30  Hash humour at its best in the latest
 We welcome anything related to hashing.
 * All submissions are subject to the editor’s   tales in each edition of Harrier Magazine.  years this  September in San Diego,  Adventures of Hash Boy,  and in the
    California. It  is  no surprise that  San  Stockholm Absolut Hash Trash. Check
 DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in   The infamous Angeles City Hash House Harriers   Diego is a major international  Hash  out back issues  of Harrier  Magazine
 this publication do not necessarily reflect
 those of the magazine, its advertisers,   will celebrate forty years of hashing this August.   Hub, with its pleasant year round  online now for your pleasure.
 publisher or contributors.
 From the bars of Balibago  to the hills of San   climate and 160 micro-breweries  to
 Martin  hashers  are  sure  to  find  plenty  of  San   suit the tastes of twenty HHH chapters  I look  forward  to seeing  you on trail
 If you are a print subscriber  and you have   Miguel Beer and fun times galore in the fabulous   inSane Diego!  soon.
 not seen the All Digital Editions, you are   Philippines. If you can’t make it in August, you
 missing out!  could always visit in late February and early   Head Mistress takes  us to  the tip  of
 As a print subscriber you are entitled to have full access   March for Philippine Nash Hash in Manila, Wild   the Dark Continent for  a report on  On On,
 to the bi-monthly digital editions that come out in addition
 to the tri-yearly print editions.  Wolf’s  Hash Bash in Palawan, and Bimbo’s   hashing  in Cape Town, South Africa.  Jim Edens, Editor-in-Chief
 Birthday Bash in Angeles and Subic Bay.  Who would turn down an opportunity  Harrier Magazine International Edition
 If you have misplaced your digital edition user
 name and password, please contact Lisa at  to hash through  the vineyards  of
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