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End of an Era

After seventeen glorious years, Harrier Magazine bids a fond adieu to our many friends, contributors, readers and sponsors who have supported our efforts to provide a world HHH publication from 2002-2019.

In this final edition Quick Drawers, our well traveled editor-at-large, takes us from the Grand Caymans to the tiny country of Andorra high in the Pyrenees, and on to Belgrade, Serbia. QD certainly gets around and has graciously shared his worldly adventures with our readers over the years.

Bush Diver takes us to Bali, the Indonesian Island of the Gods and HHHiggins reflects on his quarter century of hashing around the globe.

This edition salutes a true Hash Hero, Darwin Don, who was the world’s oldest hasher until his passing this year.

Hash Boy has made us laugh with his hilarious hash adventures. Ajarn Keemao has mused of life, gin and other earthly pleasures.

Special thanks go out to our designer, Jimmy Wilkins, who made the editorial content look sharp in the print and digital publications for the last ten years.

Harrier Magazine would not have been possible without Lisa Sukita, who kept track of subscriptions, customer service, taxes and government regulations.

We hope to see you on trail in Trinidad.

On On,

Jim Edens, Publisher
Harrier Magazine International Edition
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