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Greetings and welcome to the March/April 2019 edition of Harrier Magazine with the latest news about hashing all over the world.

In this edition we take you to distant corners of the Hash Universe with first hand reports about hashing in Hong Kong, the Ivory Coast, Jordan, Myanmar, and the USA, as well as the latest news on the upcoming Interhash in Trinidad.

ASIA: Our cover story features a unique Hong Kong hash that only runs during Category 8 typhoons. This hash is definitely not for the faint at heart, and its participants might even be considered a few cards short of a full deck. Safety Last may be a familiar cliche for some hashes, but the T8 Typhoon Hash takes this concept to a whole new level of real danger.

Myanmar’s newest Nay Pyi Taw H3 held its inaugural Outstation Weekend in Bagan. Crumbling two thousand year-old temples created a scenic backdrop for this event near the new capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

The Sixteenth Philippine Nash Hash was held in Manila this year. The first day runs took us out of town to a volcano with an extremely steep 250 meter descent to the lake below. That treacherous trek was followed by long hike back up the cliff where thirsty hashers were treated to ample amounts of catered food and cold San Miguel beer.

MIDDLE EAST: Most hashers are familiar with the Hash Hymn “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. But did you know that historic Amman, Jordan is the home of the Hashemite Hash? When you sing  “I looked over Jordan and what did I see, Coming for to carry me home” you might think of the Hashemite H3 running thorough the ancient ruins of Petra. Thanks to our roving correspondent Quick Drawers for this candid report.

USA: Pennsylvania has a number of hashes, including the Harrisburg-Hershey H5 which has more than 800 trails under its belt. Thriving HHH kennels can also be found nearby in the Lehigh Valley H3 and the Nittany Valley H3. A number of lesser known chapters are also located along the main interstate highways if you have the opportunity to travel across country through America’s heartland.

AFRICA: Our prolific Africa correspondent, Head Mistress takes us on a colourful journey to the lush tropical Ivory Coast. She joined the Abidjan Hash House Harriers, which runs every Saturday. The Pan Africa Hash is coming up soon in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Thanks to Head Mistress for another first hand report on hashing in the African continent.

Stay tuned for all the latest HHH news on our website and in the upcoming editions of Harrier Magazine.

We welcome your stories about hashing anywhere in the world, and news of your upcoming events.

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