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We tiptoe into summer, a time when HHH events seem to sprout up all around, ready to blossom and bloom. The Mijas H3 turns 30 and promises a grand celebration for hashers who travel to Spain this May. World Interhash is less than a year away as the event heads to the Caribbean Island nation of Trinidad and Tobago in April 2020.

Speaking of the Caribbean, our ambassador at large, Quick Drawers, packed his finest crimson dress and headed to Barbados with a dozen Mount Vernon H3 friends, all in the name of charity. Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, QD was off to the Northern Marianas the following month to report on the Saipan H3. For WWII history buffs, Saipan deserves a spot on your bucket list.

The largest HHH event this year will surely be Pan Asia Hash in China. The local government has laid out the welcome mat to the thousands of hashers who will journey to Zhangjiaje this November in what will surely be spectacular in size, scenic beauty and Chinese culture.

At the other end of the size spectrum, but always welcome in the world of hashing, is the resurrection of the Bohol H3 in the Central Visayas region of the Philippine Islands. The Bohol H3 meets the last Saturday of each month at the Biergarten Hash Pub on Aloha Beach.

Mekong Indochina Hash is all set for Chiang Mai this November.  A week of activities kicks off with the Loy Kratong Festival on November 13th. The Lanna Bush H3 will host a male run on the 14th while the Chiang Mai Bunnies will plan a run for the ladies. For those who prefer mixed company, Thursday is also a regular hash day for the Chiang Mai Happy Hash. Bobo promises another “IMH Full Moon Run” on Monday, the 18th of November. The TDH3 is planning a bus and train rumble from Bangkok for those who want to start partying on November 12th.

Our prolific Africa correspondent, Head Mistress, continues her nonstop adventures across the Dark Continent in search of the Dakar Hash House Harriers in Senegal. This hash chapter is like no other in that there is no marked trail, no circle following the run, and no down downs! Fortunately the group convened at the local bar afterwards for a cold La Gazeele, the favourite lager of Senegal.

Honours and a fond farewell to our Hash Hero, Harry “God Knows” Howell who hashed for 50 years before passing on the Great Hash Trail in the Sky at the age of 85. Harry joined Mother Hash in KL in 1958, and founded the Kuching H3 five years later. He helped spread the Hash Gospel wherever he traveled and will be truly missed by the many who knew him.

Keep on hashing and keep those stories coming in to share with hashers around the world.

I hope to see you on a HHH trail soon.

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