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A new year is upon us and 2019 looks like another banner year for hashing around the world. Last year we celebrated the 80th Anniversary of Mother Hash when 2000 hashers gathered in Kuala Lumpur. A look at 2019 shows a full slate of HHH events with an emerging trend of favorites filling up fast. A word to the wise is to register early, or face the prospect of staying home while your early bird friends enjoy themselves at their favorite events.

Harrier Magazine, which launched at Goa Interhash in 2002 marks its 17th year of publication this year. Harrier Magazine now publishes a 150 page digital magazine six times a year, which we plan to continue as long as our contributors keep sending HHH stories from around the globe. Our print publications have scaled back to twice a year due to increased print costs making more frequent print magazines financially unsustainable without additional support from sponsors.

Interhash 2020 will be the first global Interhash on a Caribbean island and the IH Trinidad team promises the most festive Interhash ever. Read all about the Carnival experience that Trinidad pledges to deliver in 2020. IH 2020 updates will be in every edition of Harrier Magazine from now until the big event in April 2020. All IH registrants get a free subscription to the Harrier Magazine so you can be in the know on how to get there, where to stay and how to make the most of your trip to Trinidad. For details on your free Harrier Magazine subscription check the IH 2020 Trinidad website or

How about the best HHH events in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania in 2019? Check out our choices based on what our regional correspondents could dig up in the waning months of 2018. As new events come up over the year we will do our best to cover them in the bi-monthly editions of Harrier Magazine. Event organizers-be sure to send your press releases and event updates to so your event can be in the next edition.

I hope to see you at a hash event soon. Keep up the HHH traditions and keep on hashing.

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