Breaking news: The Lanna H3 will host Indochina Mekong Hash 2019 in Chiang Mai the week of 13-18 November.

This is the week if the Loy Kratong festival week in Thailand.

IMH 2019 is the week after Pan Asia Hash in Hunan, China.

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Outline Chiang Mai Indo China 2019 Schedule:-
Wed 13th Nov - Loy Kratong Run
Thur 14th Nov - MALE ONLY Lanna Bush H3 Run   [For the Harriettes - Chiang Mai Bunny H3 Run?]
Fri  15th Nov - [Welcome Party - free day to recover] [TDH3 Run ??]
Sat  16th Nov - Main Event Hosted by Lanna Bush H3
Sun  17th Nov - Hang Over Run   
Mon  18th Nov - Full Moon Run - Bobo
Mismanagement Committee

BELLY DANCER     – Overall Coordination/Hash Ambassador/Entertainment

BYTE MY YAHOO – Webmaster/Registration/Trail Master  

Bobo's Full Moon Run and any TDH3 Run on Friday would be separate stand alone events with their own charging, organisation etc.
In Chang Mai - the Loy Kratong Run is traditionally a 'Loy Katoey Run' which possibly could double up as the Red Dress Run - however, Loy Kratong (Yee Ping) is one of Thailand's most beautiful festivals and part of the appeal of hosting Indo China 2019 is so that participants who have enough time can enjoy this.   
Until the result of the bidding process is known - we will keep the Committee small; if successful we will enlist the help and support of those able, willing and experienced. Chiang Mai represents straight forward logistics, easy access by air and road and plenty of hotels. Ideally the base hotel will be large enough to accomodate the bulk of the attendees and make for a fun atmosphere for those attending.
In respect of run territory - this does not need to be in anywhere the Chiang Mai hashes regularly run - there is more flexibility over longer run outs to more scenic territory and to eliminate any repeat rerunning any of the 2006 Interhash runs. This bid is on behalf of the Lanna Bush H3 and while we welcome support from the Chiang Mai hashes - we will not in anyway be looking to overlap with their activities.
I would welcome having all your support and trust that who ever wins - it will be a fun and successful event!

Belly Dancer & Byte My Yahoo


The vote will be at IMH in Vietnam in September. Harrier Magazine will post the winner in the  Nov/Dec edition.