June 2017

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In this issue:
What does the Aphrodite have to do with this edition of Harrier Magazine? The astute musicologist might recall that according to Roman mythology Neptunus, pictured on the cover of this month’s Harrier Magazine, was a lover of the goddess Aphrodite. In Homer’s Iliad Ulysses is tied to the mast of his ship so he could hear the intoxicatingly deadly music of the Sirens. Ulysses is forever haunted by the lost loves of his travels represented by the naked Aphrodite.

The cover feature this month is Neptunus-the King of the sea, and a modern day Hash legend among many of his fans. His years of hashing and putting on extraordinary events in amazing places is definitely the stuff that legends are made of.

From modern day Europe we travel to Cuba, the home of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and revolutionary icons like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, neither of whom got around to starting a Hash in Cuba Libre. Our modern revolutionary hash heroes did just that, and lived to tell about it.

From Havana we jump over to Palm Springs, the winter home of Hollywood movie stars, and now home to the annual Palm Springs H3.

Head Mistress takes us on another African adventure, this time to the small landlocked country of Rwanda. According to HM, Rwanda may be in line to host Pan Africa Hash in 2019, so stay tuned to Harrier Magazine for updates.

Back in the fabulous Philippines, the Cebu H3 hosted a superb Philippines Nash Hash. Excellent trails, gourmet food, and plenty of San Miguel Beer. The next PI Nash Hash is in Manila in 2019 and we will keep you apprised of this event as the details unfold.

Harrier Magazine publisher Bimbo, made recce to Fiji a year ahead of Interhash 2018 to meet the organizers and sponsors who are putting this together for you. Check the latest updates on IH Fiji in each edition of Harrier Magazine from now until the big event in May 2018.

Hash Boy now has his own line of offensive license plates. Get ‘em while they last. Another scandalous edition of the Stockholm Absolut Hash Trash is guaranteed to make the faint-hearted cringe.

Check out the treasure trove of great HHH events coming up in the months ahead, as well as some “serious” running events for you racists hiding out there in the predawn shadows of the early morning hours.

I hope to see you on trail soon.

Jim Edens, Editor-in-Chief
Harrier Magazine International Edition

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