February 2017

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In this issue:
Hashers will spread like red poppies across Flanders Fields in the medieval village of Kortrijk at Belgian Nash Hash next month. Just another boring April Fools weekend in a UNESCO World Heritage site, with copious quantities of Belgian Nectar of the Gods on tap?

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow, In Flanders fields.

Few will waste time sleeping during this extraordinary weekend. As my old Irish gym teacher used to tell me….”…Ay Jimmie, you can sleep when you’re dead”.

From old Europe we journey to the dark continent joining the Kampala H3 on their “Run, drink, & party” weekend on Lake Victoria, Uganda. Our Africa correspondent, Head Mistress, reveals her tales of good clean fun with a healthy mixture of drunken debauchery at this annual event.

My favorite place in all of  “Nam” is Nha Trang, the home of Vietnam Nash Hash and the 4th Anniversary of the Nha Trang H3. The main venue for this event is fittingly named Crazy Kim’s Bar. Nha Trang boasts some of the finest beaches and steep mountains in all of Indochina, and since “…Charlie don’t surf” bring your boogie board if you are so inclined. Oh, did I happen to mention that Vietnam has some great tasting brews?

Last we heard from Fiji was that they were going to host Interhash in 2018, but many have wondered…what have these guys been up to since then? IH Fiji chairman Sir Doc Cock answers that question with promises of more revelations in the upcoming editions of Harrier Magazine. I may have to visit there soon for a first hand report on what’s in store for Interhash on one of the most idyllic island settings on the planet.

The Angeles City H3’s 2000th run was apparently so good that people are still raving about it. Memories of the good old days in the City of the Angels, and some facts are set straight in this edition. For those of you in Angeles City this month for my birthday bash, remember that these are the good old days. For those of you planning on PI Nash Hash this year in Cebu, find out the latest scoop from someone who ought to know.

What’s up for Indochina Mekong Hash this year in Vientiane, Laos? Where can we go for a Post Lube? Read all about it here.

Hash Boy reminds us….Don’t forget your 3-Day Hash Pass. And who can argue with sound advice like that? As usual, Sir Malibog vies with the new president of the USA to offend as many people as possible in this month’s Stockholm Absolut Hash Trash.

So here’s hoping that …February will not make you quiver, With every Harrier Magazine we deliver, With good news on your doorstep, Go ahead and take some more steps.

See you on trail soon.
On On,
Jim Edens, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief & Founder
Harrier Magazine International Edition
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