January 2017

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In this issue:
The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step. ~Lao Tzu

This may be one of the best years ever for hashing around the world. The major regional events, namely Eurohash, InterAmericas Hash, Pan Asia Hash and Pan Africa Hash are all held on odd numbered years. What events have been nominated as this year’s best? Read all about the Best HHH Events of 2017 in this edition of Harrier Magazine.

Europe: The best of Europe in 2017 may well be Eurohash in Vienna this July. A Pre Lube on the Danube could set the heart of any romantic aglow. Belgium boasts the world’s best beers so why not join them at Belgium Nash Hash in March? Dutch Nash Hash will take place in the Castle de Berckt as Neptunus celebrates 25 years of hashing this April. The Brighton H3 celebrates 2000 runs in March. Not to be outdone, the Cambridge H3 celebrates 2017 runs in May. The Oslo H3 celebrates 1500 weeks of pillage and plunder this June.

North America: Start the year off right at Tex-Mex Hash in El Paso, Texas with the El Paso and Border Jumper hashes this January. Portland, Oregon the home of InterAmericas Hash two years ago, hosts a Green Dress Run each March. The Bay to Blackout takes place in the City by the Bay each May. New Orleans hosts one of the best Red Dress Runs anywhere each August. And InterAmericas Hash heads to Phoenix, Arizona in October.                                   

Asia: You can’t call yourself a well-traveled hashman until you’ve trekked the trails of Asia, where hashing began. China will host not one, but two Nash Hashes in 2017. Chengdu will be the site of All China Nash Hash in March. and the Beijing H3 will host a second All China Nash Hash in September. Vietnam Nash and the Nha Trang H3 4th Anniversary will take place this March. April will see Borneo Nash Hash in Kuching. Thai Nash Hash returns to Pattaya this June. The Cebu H3 will host Philippine Nash Hash in May. The first Pan Asia Hash in Korea will take place this October. And Indochina Mekong Hash will return to Vientiane, Laos in November.

Africa: On the African continent, the Harare H3 celebrates 2000 runs in February. A Pre-Amble will take place in Kenya before Pan Africa Hash in Lagos this May, The Great Rift Birthday Run will be in Kenya this July, and the Kampala Relay takes place this July in Uganda.

Editor’s Note: If we missed any of your favorite HHH events this year, please send in your nominations for next year’s Best HHH Events of 2018.  

Another hilarious escapade lies in store as Hash Boy lays a trail not meant for the faint of heart. Our Philosopher of Inebriation Ajarn Keemau ponders the meaning of life through the accomplishments of Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, and less memorable literary beginnings in On the Ice this month.

With scores of great events coming up in 2017 I hope to see you on trail at some of them.

On On,
Jim Edens, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief & Founder
Harrier Magazine International Edition
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