Just the FAQS


Subscription Terms

Q: Where can I view my current subscription term so that I know when my subscription ends?

A: To view all subscriptions linked to your account sign on at HarrierMagazine.com and click on User Profile>My Subscriptions. Renewal or Upgrade options will appear.  The subscription system will automatically email an expiration notice to you at least 30 days before your current term ends. You can renew a subscription via PayPal or the alternate payment form.

Digital Edition Viewing

Q: I subscribed at an event. How do I view the magazine?

A: We will notify you via email when your new subscription is available for online access. You will be directed to sign on at HarrierMagazine.com with a user name and default password. The password is case sensitive so must be entered exactly as given. The system will prompt you to change this password when you first sign on.

Q: Do I need to download the issue to my computer or mobile device?

A: Downloading the issue to your computer or mobile device is an option, so is not required. You can view the digital edition at our web site by simply signing into your account and clicking on the digital flipbook. The digital edition is an interactive PDF file. Adobe Reader or equivalent PDF reader, or compatible mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) is required. The interactive digital edition views best with Adobe Flash Player installed. To download the latest version go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

Q: Can you provide me with a printed copy of the digital magazine?

A: The digital edition is optimized for Internet viewing which does not require high resolution images. Printing a copy from the online version will not yield a high quality print product so we do not provide this service.  



Print Edition Subscriber Mailing Address Changes

Q: I moved a while ago and asked the postal service to have my mail forwarded to my new address, yet I still have not received any magazines. It has been about six months since I moved. When can I expect to receive my copies?

A: If your mailing address has changed, please take a minute to complete our online Change of Address form located under HELP & INFO so that we can update your account information. This will ensure that you receive your next issue in a timely manner or at all. A magazine is in a mail classification that is not always forwarded to the new address by your postal service.



Print Edition Non Delivery

Q: I ordered a print subscription but did not receive my copy. How can I check to see if you shipped it?

A: Please notify customerservice@harriermagazine.com if your copy has not arrived by 30 days after the publication date (January, May or September).  Sometimes things do get misrouted in the mail. We will reship your copy if you don’t receive it at all. New print subscribers should allow up to six weeks to receive their first issue.

If you have moved recently we may have shipped to your last address on file. Please allow extra time for your mail forwarding and ensure that you notify us of your new mailing address. The online change of address form can be found at the HELP & INFO link.


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customerservice@harriermagazine.com - Subscription questions and billing inquiries

jwilkins@harriermagazine.com - Web site and technical support, content and photo submissions  

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